Hey, I don't see any movies. What's happening???
What you need to do is download the Flash 5 player from here. The player is about 300 kB in size and takes less than 4 minutes to download on the slowest modem speed.

I can see the movies, but there's no sound. What's going on?
Check first to make sure you have a sound card in your computer and a properly connected output device such as speakers or headphones. Also ensure that you are not running any other audio applications. If the problem persists it could be that your browser doesn't have the latest Flash player installed. Please download the latest Flash player from here.

Where are you located?
In a country called Canada.

Hi, my name is Angus MacLeod. Are your movies about me?

Can I use your movies on my website?
Not without our written permission. For all such enquiries please email us.

Are you folks anti-meat-eaters or something?
No. We are not anti-anything or anyone - not even Microsoft. 

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