If you don't see a sheep on caffeine,
please download the FLASH plugin.

made with beats, love and caffeine Made with Beats, Love and Caffeine

Mixin' Maxin'
Itchin' Scratchin'.
field guide to snapping Field Guide to Snapping

Music Video for The Bellwether Project.
rudolph remixed Rudolph Remixed

Watch this Rudolph adventure and
keep Christmas with you all through the year.
perky turkey Perky Turkey

A Thanksgiving day remix.
turtle technology Turtle Technology

Sometimes turtle technology makes
more sense than hi-technology.
time Time

Zoned out in
space and time.
poprocket Poprocket, the Music Video

Margaret and Pumpkin move to
a Corporal Blossom beat.
vegetarian haggis Vegetarian Haggis

Angus MacLeod on
tofu and carrots and oatmeal and corn.
four seasons Four Seasons

Ramu and Chutney have many reasons
to celebrate the four seasons.
macaroni and cheese Macaroni and Cheese

Ramu Chapati's quest for
macaroni, cheese and enlightenment.
zen and the art of floor maintenance Zen and the Art of Floor Maintenance

These folks are One with their surroundings.

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